Archived Blog Post (Before children moved into our current building)

by Rabbi Peter Oliveira

August 23, 2012

Haiti Visit: day two

We woke up somewhat reluctant to go to see all the work that needed to be done on the new location for the orphanage… 

When we arrived, we were bewildered; keep in mind, on the list were things like, buy and install doors, windows, screens etc, install a septic tank, and complete the plumbing, connect the well to the building as well as finish the drain system… buy and install kitchen sinks and bathroom toilets and sinks… set up a pressurized system for the well, hook up the electric wiring to a generator that didn’t exist… the list went on and on… so, why were we bewildered?… as we arrived, we saw many people we had never seen before; about 12 men cutting, digging, measuring, plumbing… Ad-nai had sent a team of six men from the states who designed and installed the entire water supply and drainage system… there were some five men in a huge hole digging a new septic system. Other men were installing windows and screens, still, others were working on an amazing generator system large enough to power a small town… our list dropped to: install three doors, tile a small bathroom, and make and hang some curtains…

As I looked on, all I could hear in my spirit was: “little dream, little blessing… big dream, big blessing…”. How amazing that we came out here with absolutely no idea how on earth we were going to accomplish the things on that “impossible” list, yet being willing to try, opened the door for a miracle…

looking forward to day three….

love love