May 2016
Rabbi Peter is heading to our orphanage in Haiti to put a down payment on purchasing the land that the orphanage resides on.
The owner is asking for $36,000.  This is for almost 3 acres plus the orphanage building.  Through the love and support of so many, we are able to put down a 50% down payment!  This is truly miraculous.  🙂
Owning this property would be a huge blessing and an answer to our prayers.  Our orphans and families have been shuffled from one place to another for years, so being able to situate them in this location is simply a treasure from our King.
We are trusting that Adonai will provide the remaining 50% over time for us to fully own the land.
Covering us with your prayers will be much appreciated during these next few days.  Rabbi Peter flies back to the US on Thursday.
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