Shalom, friends of Torah4Haiti.  Rabbi Peter chronicled his latest journey to Haiti to purchase the orphanage property.  Below is update 1.  🙂
I headed out from Providence after saying goodbye to Zelika and my Beloved, who dropped me off.  This was the first time I traveled to Haiti alone.
   On my person I carried just shy of $10,000 in cash, to bring for the down payment of the land.  It seemed strange to have all of that cash on me, vulnerable even, but it was the only way we could do it under the circumstances.  Transferring large amounts of money into Haiti is complicated and expensive.
   So there I was on my second 12-hour layover looking at the many faces walking by.  They had no idea how wealthy I was.  Eventually, I curled into a ball on the carpet floor of the airport and went to sleep.
Funny– our journey with the children in Haiti began when they were all sleeping on little carpet mats on the floor.
I arrived at Cap Haitian in one hour by plane.   A little quicker than the 11 day sailing trip I made with my family, the last time we came.  The children were excited to see me and as usual and I was delighted to hug them all.
On Sunday, We were invited to speak at a church that was celebrating their 11 year anniversary.   They had just gotten a new sound system and all the red lights on the sound level meter were working perfectly.   They got to hear the story of David and Goliath in a way they never heard before, and I got a splitting headache.       One of the highlights of the message came when I was explaining how big G-d was, in comparison to Goliath… “When Goliath had to pee, he made a puddle on the ground.   But when G-d has to pee, He makes the oceans…”  I was expecting them to laugh, but instead, their eyes got really big.
Some people were saying something in creole, so I asked Hernst to translate what they were saying.   “Wow Rabbi, they can’t believe G-d has to pee so much…”
Well, what can I say; G-d is really, really, really BIG.