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Torah4Haiti Newsletter 3 Winter 2017

Winter Update 2018 “A Great Miracle Happened There” Shalom and blessings, in the name of our King, Messiah Yeshua! From Rabbi Peter and Lisa Mishkahn Yeshua Haiti: Our newly established Messianic Congregation; Mishkahn Yeshua Haiti, had the joy of celebrating our very first Chanukah/Festival of Lights this past holiday season. And while it

Newsletter 1

Torah4Haiti Today, Newsletter Launch Welcome to the launch of “Torah4Haiti Today,” our monthly Torah 4 Haiti newsletter! This newsletter is how we’ll keep our cyber family and donors aware of how Ad-nai is leading our team and what’s happening with us in Haiti. Always doing a new thing, we’ve been obedient

Haiti Visit Update

Archived Blog Post (Before children moved into our current building) by Rabbi Peter Oliveira August 23, 2012 Haiti Visit: day two We woke up somewhat reluctant to go to see all the work that needed to be done on the new location for the orphanage...  When we arrived, we were bewildered; keep in mind, on


Written by Hernst Gedeus and Lisa Oliveira March 12, 2017 We are always trying to add variety to the diet of our 38 children to help keep them healthy and maintain their weight.  Food in Haiti is expensive so we decided to plant a garden to supplement the food that we buy.  As of right

New Office

We are in the process of building our first office!!  After almost losing all of our documents in the flood in December,   we realized the importance of having a dedicated space to house all of our legal documents for the orphanage.  We will now have a professional place to conduct meetings with officials who

A Few Tears

I remember our cook and mother in law to our director,  Mrs Samuel came up to the 160 year Torah scroll. We were so careful to protect it, but we just wanted everyone to see what the Scriptures looked like before they were translated. She gently placed here cheek with streaming tears against the delicate

For the First Time

It is difficult to describe what happened when our Haitian sisters and brothers saw a Torah scroll for the first time.  Eyes wide open, smiles from ear to ear.  Some weeping, others with their face on the floor thanking G-d for allowing them to see His pure Word.  Most of them glad to have their