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Fall 2017 updates from Rabbi Peter at Mishkahn Yeshua David

Our congregation Mishkahn Yeshua David experienced some amazing events during our first celebration of the autumn festivals. The autumn festivals include the high holy days of Yom Teruah or Rosh Hashana, also known as the Feast of Trumpets and Yom Kippur, or the Day of Atonement. Rabbi Peter taught on the festivals for eight weeks, then it was time for everyone to rededicate themselves by baptism.

Fifty-nine people representing 27 families t’vilah’d (were immersed) into the ocean (mikvah) just before Yom Teruah. The congregation then celebrated its first Feast of Trumpets.

We had been meeting under the carport of the home of Thessa Colas, widow of the beloved Pastor Colas. Because Ad-nai has blessed Mishkahn Yeshua Haiti to grow from 5 families to about 27 in two months, it was time to find a new location to meet.

Yom Kippur was approaching and we were led to go speak with Lydie, the former mayor of the city of Petionville. She was so delighted to have us there and to know that there was a Rabbi in Haiti.  Before we had a chance to tell her the purpose of our visit, she told us that she had a very interesting dream. In the dream, she saw hundreds and hundreds of people coming to her hotel.  When she asked them why they were there, they all said, “We came to hear the word.”

We then told her our meeting place predicament, and she promptly made her hotel’s ballroom available for us to celebrate Yom Kippur.

We then needed to find a location to celebrate Sukkoth. Once again, Lydie provided a place.

Simchat Torah follows Sukkoth. This is when we roll back the Torah to the beginning so we can read it through again in the new year that has just begun. This year, Simchat Torah was especially amazing.  As Rabbi Peter explained that the celebration of Sukkoth causes Ad-nai to send the rain, the sky literally opened up with a torrential downpour for over an hour! Everyone was amazed! They got drenched dancing and praising Him in the rain.

At the end of Sukkoth, we still didn’t have a meeting place for the coming Shabbat.  Once again, Lydie provided us with a place. This is how it looked on Friday…

..And this is how it looked the next day as we blessed the children in our new place of worship.

These are the events taking place at Mishkahn Yeshua Haiti near the capital of Port Au Prince.

Fall updates,
from Rabbi Peter in Petionville

Because of unrest and demonstrations on the streets in Petionville, people at Mishkahn Yeshua Haiti had to risk going through this…

to get to a peaceful, blessed Sukkoth celebration, where we are commanded to rejoice!

After teaching about this historic moment for years, Rabbi Peter was recently blessed to be able to meet with the granddaughter of the UN diplomat from Haiti who cast the “yes” vote that allowed Israel to become a nation in 1948.

BIG things are happening.
Nation-changing things.
To G-d be the glory!!

Fall Beth Chesed updates

We were blessed that the demonstrations in Petionville were not happening near the orphanage…so our children were blessed to celebrate Sukkoth in perfect peace.

At our Beth Chesed orphanage, 35 children must be fed three times a day. This is only possible with the monthly support we receive from Mishkahn David. Even with that support, we realized we need to boost their calories, so we planted a garden to add more nutrition to their meals. While the fresh produce to eat is a good thing, the garden also greatly reduced their play area, which is not a good thing. Still, having enough to eat won out over the room the children need to play.

All 35 children go to school with three now in the 10th grade.

Projects, goals,
and prayer requests

  • A fully equipped kitchen for Beth Chesed Orphanage

  • Steady monthly donations that match or exceed Beth Chesed’s monthly expenses.

  • Finishing Tile and roof work on the new office

  • Completion of  Beth Chesed’s office building.

  • A home for Beth Chesed director’s family. 

We are currently laying the last of the tile floors and finishing the roof as we build our new office. The work is getting done little by little, but we are making progress.

A fully equipped kitchen. We currently have a modest outdoor kitchen that is in dire need of a complete upgrade and renovation. We need to build a cafeteria as well as a charcoal room to store the charcoal we use to cook meals for our children.

Steady monthly donations that match or exceed Beth Chesed’s monthly expenses. We have had shortfalls recently and want to be able to support all the needs of our children, staff and operating costs without fail.

Completion of our office building. Director Hernst is working to complete construction of the office building to house and protect legal and financial documents for the children and property. These documents were almost damaged during recent flooding.

The building will also provide a place away from the children and their activities where meetings with officials and visitors to the orphanage can be held. After we finish the office, we’ll start building the cafeteria and a proper kitchen.

A home for the director’s family. Director Hernst, his wife Vania, and their sweet daughter, Herline, have lived in a little shack on the orphanage property without complaint, putting the needs of our orphans above their own. It is heavy in our hearts that these unselfish vessels finally have a proper home for retreat and refuge.

If you are blessed to see the nation of Haiti and our precious orphans join us all around the globe as we return to celebrate the Biblical Feasts…

..If you want to partner with us to feed, clothe and care for our orphans and the work Ad-nai has Rabbi Peter and Lisa doing at Mishkahn Yeshua Haiti…

..If you sense the momentum that is building and the great things that are to come…

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Our new vision is T4H100 @ $50: We have a goal of seeing Beth Chesed and our work in Haiti become self-sufficient by Yom Kippur of 2018.  To that end, we are praying for 100 people to commit to $50 per month so the Haiti ministry can be fully supported.

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