It is difficult to describe what happened when our Haitian sisters and brothers saw a Torah scroll for the first time.  Eyes wide open, smiles from ear to ear.  Some weeping, others with their face on the floor thanking G-d for allowing them to see His pure Word.  Most of them glad to have their cellphones well charged.  It was simply amazing.
I turned to the musicians and started them with,

“Shabbat shalom!”
“Shabbat shalom!”
“Shabbat, Shabbat, Shabbat, Shabbat shalom!”

And they were off.

Immediately, there was an unbridled parade of people dancing, jumping, and shouting for joy behind me, as I danced with the scroll up and down the isles.  Perhaps this is what Isaiah saw when he prophesied, “He shall not fail nor be discouraged, till He have set judgment in the earth: and the isles shall wait for His law.”

Isaiah 42:4