Winter Update 2018

“A Great Miracle Happened There”

Shalom and blessings, in the name of our King, Messiah Yeshua!

From Rabbi Peter and Lisa
Mishkahn Yeshua Haiti:

Our newly established Messianic Congregation; Mishkahn Yeshua Haiti, had the joy of celebrating our very first Chanukah/Festival of Lights this past holiday season. And while it was, in fact, the first Chanukah ever celebrated by these beautiful families, you certainly wouldn’t know it, from the excitement and enthusiasm they exhibited, and the photos they were eager to share. What better way to “re-dedicate” these precious Haitian hearts to the Father than through this joyous Feast of Dedication?.

Candles were lit and even donuts were eaten to symbolize the miracle of G-d that is commemorated by Chanukah; when G-d delivered the Maccabees from their enemies and enabled them to re-dedicate His Holy Temple.  On Chanukah, it is traditional to light candles and eat delicious foods, fried in oil, to symbolize how a one day’s supply of oil burned in the Menorah for eight full days! May all of these precious ones be similarly blessed with testimonies of G-d’s outpouring and increase!

In addition, please be in prayer and support for doors to open for a bigger, more permanent facility where Mishkahn Yeshua Haiti can fellowship and assemble together. In just a few short months, we are already outgrowing our current meeting place!

From Beth Chesed Orphanage:

At Beth Chesed, Chanukah was also celebrated, however, as Rabbi Peter shares, “Not as the novelty it once was, but rather, it has become a part of who they are and what they expect, and look forward to.”

How extraordinary and powerful is that?

In other Beth Chesed news, we are happy to report that the office building is complete, and while its main purpose is to provide much-needed office space for the orphanage, the new building has quickly become the children’s favorite place to celebrate Shabbat.

As mentioned in the last newsletter, we’ve planted a garden in order to provide food for the children.

Rabbi Peter reports that this once barren field is now becoming a lush bounty of delicious fruit trees and gardens, producing great fruit.

“I’ve always dreamed of seeing the children playing outside, and when they are hungry, they could just stop, grab some fruit from a tree and continue playing… now Adonai is making this dream become real.”

Rabbi Peter adds; “The children are so excited to mark the newly planted fruit trees and keep track of the time when they will be released to eat the fruit as the Torah instructs in Leviticus 19:23.”

(‘And when ye shall come into the land, and shall have planted all manner of trees for food, then ye shall count the fruit thereof as forbidden; three years shall it be as forbidden unto you; it shall not be eaten.’ JPS Tanakh 1917. )

“They (the children) saw the way corn grew so big by following Adonai’s instructions, they can’t wait to see what happens with fruit trees. There is, however, a slight drawback: the soccer field has shrunk considerably. No worries though. The games continue with the same passion.”

From Orphanage Director: Hernst Gedeus

“It is a blessing to celebrate Shabbat every Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon. The children love Shabbat for three reasons 1) first, they can sleep all day, or 2) watch TV all day or do something fun until it is time to have Shabbat celebration, and 3) they love the bread.

They don’t want to miss any Shabbat!”

The orphanage was given a generous gift of a new flat screen television from American friends, Jessica and Daytona.

“This is how happy we were after receiving the gift from Jessica and Daytona through Rabbi Peter and Mrs. Lisa.”

Projects, goals,
and prayer requests

  • A fully equipped kitchen for Beth Chesed Orphanage:
    We currently have a modest outdoor kitchen that is in dire need of a complete upgrade and renovation. We need to build a cafeteria as well as a charcoal room to store the charcoal we use to cook meals for our children.
  • Steady monthly donations that match or exceed Beth Chesed’s monthly expenses:
    We have had shortfalls recently and want to be able to support all the needs of our children, staff and operating costs without fail.
  • A home for Beth Chesed director’s family:
    Director Hernst, his wife Vania, and their sweet daughter, Herline, have lived in a little shack on the orphanage property without complaint, putting the needs of our orphans above their own. It is heavy in our hearts that these unselfish vessels finally have a proper home for retreat and refuge.

If you are blessed to see the nation of Haiti and our precious orphans join us all around the globe as we return to celebrate the Biblical Feasts…

..If you want to partner with us to feed, clothe and care for our orphans and the work Ad-nai has Rabbi Peter and Lisa doing at Mishkahn Yeshua Haiti…

..If you sense the momentum that is building and the great things that are to come…

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Our new vision is T4H100 @ $50: We have a goal of seeing Beth Chesed and our work in Haiti become self-sufficient by Yom Kippur of 2018.  To that end, we are praying for 100 people to commit to $50 per month so the Haiti ministry can be fully supported.

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