Torah4Haiti Today,
Newsletter Launch

Welcome to the launch of “Torah4Haiti Today,” our monthly Torah 4 Haiti newsletter!

This newsletter is how we’ll keep our cyber family and donors aware of how Ad-nai is leading our team and what’s happening with us in Haiti. Always doing a new thing, we’ve been obedient to follow as He has expanded both our scope of work and needs for your support to two locations there.

You may be aware that Rabbi Peter, Lisa, and son Noah Oliveira are now based in Petion-Ville, a suburb of Port Au Prince, where they have birthed the new Messianic congregation, Mishkahn Yeshua Haiti. At the same time, we continue to operate Beth Chesed, our orphanage in rural Carocal in northern Haiti, where G-d first opened up our hearts for Haiti, commissioning us to care for the precious orphans there *10 years ago.

September updates,
Beth Chesed

For the first time in 10 years, and with Hurricane Irma closing in on Haiti, we entered September not knowing how we would meet the monthly finances at our orphanage. As Director Hernst says, “To feed more than 36 children is not a game. In order to be able to do that, we need a lot of help.” Because the stores are very far away and a logistical nightmare in hurricane season, when he goes grocery shopping to supplement what they grow in their gardens, he tries to buy enough supplies to last a month.

Ad-nai blessed! Outside of some flooding and a few downed sugar cane and morenga branches, there was no significant damage after Irma passed. Our children were excited that they got to eat the fresh sugar cane that came down as hurricane Irma passed. What a delicious treat!

As the high holy days began, our children welcomed Rosh Hashanah, eating apples and honey.

On Yom Kippor, the children of Beth Chesed came before Ad-nai to thank Him for His mercy in covering their sins and those of people who have harmed them.

September updates
Mishkahn Yeshua Haiti

Mishkahn Yeshua Haiti” experienced our first community mikvah (baptism) at the beautiful Cote des Arcadins à Montrouis on a day that was beautiful beyond description. It was a time of cleansing, rededication, and rebirth before the high holy days. In Hebrew, to immerse is sometimes understood as our burial and resurrection in Yeshua. As I reflected on an amazing day, I learned there were 27 families represented by the 59 people who were immersed. Out of curiosity, I searched for a book in the Bible with 27 chapters and 59 verses. There is only ONE–Matthew 27:59! It reads,

‘And Joseph took the body and wrapped it in a clean linen cloth.’

This year, we mikvahed three days before the resurrection of Yeshua! “’Who’s your Daddy!!!!’” ~ RP.

Some were not able to come to the mikvah, so we brought the mikvah to them. We celebrated our first official Yom Kippor at Mishkahn Yeshua Haiti at La Canovienne Hotel, Petion-Ville.

Future projects
Prayer requests

  • A fully equipped kitchen for Beth Chesed Orphanage

  • Steady monthly donations that match or exceed Beth Chesed’s monthly expenses.

  • Completion of  Beth Chesed’s office building.

  • A home for Beth Chesed director’s family. 

We currently have a modest outdoor kitchen that needs a complete upgrade and remodel. Financially, We have had shortfalls recently and want to be able to support all the needs of our children, staff and operating costs without fail.

Director Hernst is working to complete construction of the office building to house and protect legal and financial documents for the children and property. These documents where almost damaged during recent flooding. The building will also provide a place away from the children and their activities where meetings with officials and visitors to the orphanage can be held.

Director Hernst, his wife, and their sweet daughter have lived in a little shack on the orphanage property without complaint, putting the needs of our orphans above their own. It is heavy in our hearts that these unselfish vessels finally have a proper home for retreat and refuge.

Thank you for caring and reading our premier issue.
We appreciate you!

We hope our first issue has blessed and inspired you! We appreciate your presence, your prayers, and your partnership.  As you are led, you can:

Contribute to the vision of Transforming Haiti through Torah, currently unfolding at Mishkahn Yeshua Haiti. Or, you can make a Wind Gift to our ministry team’s personal and travel needs in Haiti.  You can donate to the operating needs of our Beth Chesed orphanage or choose to Sponsor a Child there.

However you are led, we thank you for sharing our heart for the work Abba is doing in Haiti!


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